Yodle Opens New Office, Reach Sells AdWords

Local SEM firm Yodle announced that it just opened a North Carolina office, bringing the number of regional offices it operates to six. Yodle competitor ReachLocal just gained official Google reseller status.

Here’s an amusing set of dueling ads from the two companies on Google (query: “reachlocal“):


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  1. Gab "SEO ROI" Goldenberg Says:

    How does that make them any different from G certified professionals or companies?

  2. James Says:

    Yodle makes false promises. I have recently signed up for their service. My account rep promised they could increase targeted traffic to my website. After the first few weeks of no traffic, they stopped returning email messages for updates on my account. I tried to get them to resolve the issue, but with no avail. Here is a quote from the last un-answered email. “3rd and final request. Next requests will go to the credit card company, BBB and the Attorney General Office of both our states, and RipOffReport.com.” I would have to caution anyone on wants to use this company, make sure you do your homework before selecting a company to do your online advertising.

  3. Court Cunningham Says:

    As the CEO of Yodle, I take the satisfaction of every customer very seriously. Yodle prides itself on providing high quality and affordable business leads to small business customers. We are also proud of our high levels of customer service for our thousands of clients, many of which are documented on our website here: http://www.yodle.com/whyyodle/clients/.

    With that, I am surprised to read this post and would like to take immediate action to address your concerns. Please email me your contact information to info@yodle.com (will go directly to me), so I may understand and resolve the issues you encountered. Thank you in advance.

    Court Cunningham, CEO

  4. James Says:

    I’d like to formally update and correct my previous posting related to Yodle. The management at Yodle promptly resolved my issues. Thank you Yodle for your professionalism and understanding.

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  6. Evan Says:

    I notice that the CEO of Yodle posted a message here. and Like James, I’ve had bad experience with Yodle…

    Sales guy calls our office and first thing he says “Who handles your google account?”
    I said, “I manage the accounts… what can i do for you?” Since i’m the first person answering the phone, i take it he figured i was the receptionist… because at that moment after my reply, his tone changed to “Oh hi, Who am I speaking to?”

    So he gives me the whole store about how Yodle can optimize my campaigns because he feels lots of companies are not getting the click to phone calls as companies are looking for.

    I said, my campaigns are fine… what makes you think my campaign is not working so well? after him giving me all pitches… I said… my conversion rate varies because you as a third party vendor clicked on my ad… he was talking about how they track everything…

    so I said, I have 300 clients and i know which number you dialed, cause i can see that you clicked on an AD and dialed that number… because I track phone calls as well… so he said… “looks like you are on top of things.. you have my number” Of course i told him his number and he said… “talk to you later”

    so my beef is this… why are these guys that are trying to sell adwords service, clicking the hell out of our adword campaigns??? and then they call and say your campaigns are not working… OF COURSE not… cause companies like these are popping out of every where and ruining our campaigns by clicking it all day for new clients..

    in this economy… every dollar counts for some… don’t click on PPC ads if you are not a legit customer…

    and LAST thing… YOU GUYS ARE NOT GOOGLE PARTNERS… We spend enough money to have our own GOOGLE rep who reviews our campaigns and helps us improve not only CTR but conversions… I think i’ll take their advise over yours any day…

  7. Tom McAvity Says:

    I am extremely disappointed with Yodle. I now have the same outlay as I did before but no sales. The only contacts that I have had from prospects have been almost laughably substandard. The money that I am paying this company is actually a pittance compared to what I am losing in sales.

    My guess is that this company specializes in selling to people who have no experience with running ad words campaigns or maybe advertising at all. Maybe if had no frame of reference for what kind of results you should expect, Yodle’s desultory performance would seem acceptable.

    I find it mind blowing that in this day of professional list serves, review sites, BBB et al., a salesperson for this company would actually pitch this service to people who have a clue as to what they should be able to expect. Why pitch your superior abilities at conducting campaigns when you aren’t going to really do one?

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