Grayboxx Press Releases Keep Coming

As Grayboxx rolls out city by city the company puts out essentially the same press release in each case. I keep seeing them:

Grayboxx Inc., an online local search firm, today announced that the companys unique “neighbor-recommended” local search service is now available to the residents of [city name here]. provides automated rankings and recommendations for local businesses covering everything from antique shops to violin stores. In the Pittsburgh area alone, grayboxx provides over 633,000 neighbor recommendations for more than 22,000 businesses.

I would imagine that the site is seeking to gain local coverage in newspapers or on local radio or TV. It remains to be seen if that strategy works.

But I would add that the site needs to “warm up” a bit. Right now, despite the breadth of content/ratings, it’s a bit like a house without furniture. One of the reasons that Yelp is still standing while Judy’s Book and InsiderPages are not, though the latter lives on as a property of IAC, is that Yelp literally and figuratively “had a human face,” which made it more transparent.

Success in this market is not just a function of technology or content depth, trust and brand also come into play. He who has the best technology does not necessarily win. Just look at Craigslist — a site with no technology advantage.


Apparently they are getting some local coverage from this strategy.

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