Facebook Buying ‘Local’ Keywords

I did a search on Google for “local advertising solutions” this morning in another context and discovered that Facebook was there among the paid listings. I found it very interesting that they’re presenting themselves as a geotargeted or local ad platform. Of course, location was central to Facebook’s origins. (Click any of the images to enlarge.)


If you click the ad, you go to this landing page:

Facebook 2

If you click the button in the lower right (“create Facebook page”), you go here:

Facebook 3

Then, selected a category:

Facebook 4

That sends you to a blank Facebook profile page, which is quite simple to set up. I would imagine that lots of small businesses would take advantage of this if they were aware of its existence.

2 Responses to “Facebook Buying ‘Local’ Keywords”

  1. Dan Says:

    I don’t think they are necessarily positioning themselves as a local advertising platform.

    It looks like they just bought the keyword “advertising” and are running it as a broad keyword.

    If you type in rental advertising or sexy advertising this ad shows as well.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    It appears you’re right. I jumped to conclusions too quickly and should have done some other searches. But the are targeting SMBs as one group of potential advertisers.

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