‘Anatomy’ of a Local Business Profile

The image “https://i0.wp.com/searchengineland.com/images/localsonly100.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Chris Smith has written a very instructive column today at Search Engine Land outlining best practices for local business profile writing. He makes recommendations, beyond the standard “name, address and phone number” content, about what should be there to improve the possibility of being discovered online.

Internet yellow pages and local search sites need to either encourage businesses to provide this information or provide/obtain it through other means. For example, Israeli company Palore is busy aggregating this type of enhanced data; and Localeze is trying to more aggressively build out enhanced content in addition to offering the core listings database.


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  1. Ed Murray Says:

    I couldn’t agree more! As local search sites proliferate, businesses – especially SMBs – have got to take advantage of the opportunity to manage their information online, not to mention take advantage of each site’s offering, which are often similar, but sometimes unique. And local search sites should be encouraging this behavior, if out engage in outright pursuit of this information from SMBs.

    Here at Kudzu.com, we’re in the process of expanding nationwide (we originally launched as an Atlanta site, then expanded to a few additional markets last year…now we’re expanding nationally), and we’re offering FREE Premium-level online profiles (a $900 value) for small service businesses in these new markets…through 2008. A Premium Profile lets small businesses provide detailed marketing information, web site links, email links, photos, videos (!), coupons/deals, credentials, and more, about their business to their local target market.

    More info about free Kudzu listings here:

  2. Ahmed Farooq Says:

    Core listings are hard enough – thinking of enhanced gives me a headache.

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