Citysearch’s Top 10 Bars, Restaurants of 2007

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Citysearch has posted its editorial picks for the top 10 restaurants and bars of 2007 in 10 cities across the US. Here are the top restaurants according to the site in …

New York:

  1. Allen & Delancey
  2. Tiffin Wallah
  3. Hill Country
  4. Centro Vinoteca
  5. Perilla
  6. Tailor
  7. 15 East
  8. Shorty’s.32
  9. Graffiti
  10. Maoz

San Francisco:

  1. Spruce
  2. SPQR
  3. Laiola
  4. The Alembic
  5. South Food + Wine Bar
  6. Piqueo’s
  7. Namu
  8. Bossa Nova
  9. Fish & Farm
  10. Gialina Pizzeria

One of the pioneers of online reviews and once the undisputed king of the A&E segment, the venerable site faces intensifying competition from a wide range of challengers, from Yelp to Metromix to yellow pages. But it’s attempting to differentiate with video and enhanced content and create more opportunity for advertisers though partnerships such as its recent deal with MerchantCircle.

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  1. Davis Freeberg Says:

    I used to use CitySearch all of the time, but after they removed a legitimate review that I wrote about one of their “sponsored” partners, I lost all respect for the site. Its neat that they put together fun lists like this, but its hard to take seriously when they censor their users if they share negative experiences about their advertisers.

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