Angie Says: 100% Member Growth YoY

In my earlier post, The Vanishing Subscription Model, I speculated that Angie’s List might be feeling the heat from free online services that offer similar information; Angie’s List has advertising but is mostly a subscription model. (Here’s my previous post about the site.)

Angie’s List CEO Angie Hicks, whom I really like, responded as follows:

We’re currently experiencing higher renewal rates than ever before.
• We’ve had 100 percent member growth in the past year.
• We’ve expanded our service area from 33 cities in 2006 to 124 today.
• We plan to expand to London and Toronto next year, as well as blanketing the U.S. in 2008.
• We also are planning significant additions to our member services next year.

And playing off my forumlation of what it would take to make subscriptions work she says, “I might even argue that Angie’s List is precisely the right combination of circumstances: unique content with brand strength.”

I stand corrected apparently 🙂


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  4. George Says:

    If you can make money charging your customers, that’s always a good thing. I guess the challenge will be simply making money but at the same time providing a quality product. Different models are very viable. – Video Yellow Pages

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