Outside.in Taps Maponics Neighborhoods

There are two providers of neighborhood databases: Maponics (which bought the capability from HomeGain) and Urban Mapping. Outside.in has selected Maponics to provide more accurate neighborhood information for its hyperlocal news site.

Urban Mapping works with all the major search engines (I believe) and is now being integrated on the ad-targeting side of the house.


2 Responses to “Outside.in Taps Maponics Neighborhoods”

  1. Maponics to provide neighborhood maps to Outside.in at Ghost of Midnight Says:

    […] Congratulations to Maponics, Front Porch Forum’s Vermont neighbors. From Greg Sterling today… […]

  2. Darrin Clement Says:

    Thanks Greg for the notice (and thanks neighbor Michael for the congrats). A couple notes:
    – Maponics did obtain *some* of our data from Homegain but it’s fair to say anyone licensing our data would find it far more evolved
    – Urban Mapping has done a fantastic job opening this market, but they do not have *all* the major search engines…


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