Krillion Capitalizing on ‘Last-Minute’ Shoppers

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Krillion is cleverly trying to tap into the last-minute Xmas shopping phenomenon with their online-offline inventory information. Here the release the company put out this a.m.:

With shipping deadlines looming — there are only twelve days left to ship for delivery of holiday gifts by the 24th — those consumers who tend to procrastinate can now turn to Krillion for the low-down on where to buy the hottest holiday products locally. At Krillion™, holiday shoppers can check stock availability at a local store and order last-minute gifts for immediate pick-up. Krillion connects shoppers searching for gifts on the web with local retailers that have the product in stock right now.

Starting today, Krillion has added new product details for all the latest cameras, camcorders and game consoles. Krillion aggregates product information from the top ten leading retailers, including Best Buy, Circuit City, Radio Shack and Wal-Mart, representing more than 80 percent of all appliance and consumer electronics retailers in the United States.

I hadn’t been aware that the company added these additional product categories until today. But, alas, they still can’t find a Wii for you.

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  1. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    This is very powerful and will only get better as they get more inventory feeds. So glad they expanded beyond washing machines.

    I think “availability” is the next great search filter. It would be great if someone could do Krillion for service providers. Eg my filling dropped out so I’m in agony and I’m new to the area and I will take ANY dentist that takes my insurance and has an opening this afternoon.

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