Today Is Yelp Day Today in SF

Today has been proclaimed “Yelp Day” in San Francisco by Mayor Gavin Newsom. I kid you not. Here’s the text of the proclamation:

WHEREAS, San Francisco-based, acts as a sounding board for locals to publish candid reviews about local businesses and services with personality and humor, distinguishing it from many professional rating systems because of the site’s focus on “real people”; and

WHEREAS, Since its founding in 2004, Yelp has expanded across the country, transforming the way citizens approach finding local services, currently hosting more than 5 million visitors each month, and has amassing more than 1.9 million user-generated reviews; and

WHEREAS, Yelp offers patrons a myriad of reviews from “real people,” on anything from restaurants, to public parks, to mechanics; anyone can create an account, giving users an outlet to share experiences and opinions; and

WHEREAS, Yelp fosters a community mindset by encouraging San Franciscans to offer advice to one another, and to trust other users’ personal recommendations over professional reviews by creating profiles and identities, interacting with one another, and discussing their opinions about what San Francisco has to offer; and

WHEREAS, San Francisco’s rich culture is rooted in its history of diverse ideas and enterprises, and by promoting small businesses, Yelp helps continue this legacy by allowing viewers to search for top-rated venues within a specific neighborhood, allowing local businesses to compete with larger ones; and

WHEREAS, Yelp is also a resource for local events, helping users stay connected with the community by promoting festivals, performances, and fundraisers – including Yelp’s Third Annual Holiday Party held today at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts; now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that I, Gavin Newsom, Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco, do hereby proclaim December 5, 2007…

21 Responses to “Today Is Yelp Day Today in SF”

  1. Ahmed Farooq Says:

    Is this for serious? I don’t see any reference on any official site?

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Apparently so . . . Yelp sent it to me

  3. Ahmed Farooq Says:

    Not pulling your leg? 😉

  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    I don’t think so. The context was credible. It would be a faux pas of a high order to fabricate such a thing

  5. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    Someone has photos…

  6. Ahmed Farooq Says:

    It just seems so … off. Why would a major/city endorse such a thing?

    If it has happened before – okay then, I back off. I would imagine that the city and businesses would have some sort of ‘distance’ between the two 🙂

  7. troy Says:

    Seems to good to be true or unless Yelp has a picture of the Mayor doing something and threatening to post it 🙂

  8. Greg Sterling Says:

    A good theory 🙂

  9. Rachel C Says:

    Ours is not to reason why . . . . . just take it and run . . . . another stamp of approval for YELP!

  10. LA Williams Says:

    I’m a proud Yelper. This would be great!

  11. Philip A Says:

    About time, San Francisco, since “all of your base belong to Yelp” . . .

    Yelp rocks and Yelpers rule . . . the consumer space . . .

  12. Cliff B. Says:

    Oh great, what next? Homeless Day?

    (mandatory Yelper snarky remark)

  13. Cruella Says:

    …and tomorrow is yap like a banshee day

  14. Dave M. Says:

    Ok, so there is what, a 219 million dollar budget deficit, and he’s wasting time with this?

    What a joke.

  15. ACE Says:

    Everyone is soooo damn jaded! How about just saying “Thanks” and moving on…

  16. mikevalor Says:

    How about a Texas Yelp…do you have anything for Houston?

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  19. Gabriel Clay Says:

    wonder how much government time and money was lost on this.

  20. bj Says:

    Probably not a lot, Gabriel, since it rarely takes money to say “Let’s make it Yelp day since Yelp has become such a big deal and originated here.” I am aware that our economy is tanking and things look gloomy, but why is it necessary to make everything negative?

  21. parksfo Says:


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