Google Upgrades Geotargeting Interface

Barry Schwartz at SEL writes in some detail about a new & improved geotargeting ad interface at Google. It incorporates maps more prominently and is much easier to use and more intuitive. Here are some screens I captured, with different geotargeting options, including a 1 mile radius (probably not currently capable of being supported) and custom area:





As I’ve argued in the past, location targeting becomes demographic targeting once US Census data makes its way in here, which it will. Better local targeting in general is coming in 2008 with implications for offline transactions, especially for products. But there are also implications for service businesses.

TMP Directional Marketing found in its survey of local search users earlier this year (n=3,000) that “the majority of local business searchers expect the local businesses provided in their search results to be located less than 20 miles from their location.” Accordingly, more precise location targeting (beyond IP detection) will yield better results for service business advertisers as well.


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