The Local ‘Plus Box’ on Google

As Barry Schwartz at SEL reports, Google has added its “plus box” feature to local AdWords. Right now it’s difficult to find these results so I’ll use the images from the SEL report (click to expand images):

Plus Box

Plus Box 2

What it provides is for an expandable map on the top result in AdWords. Advertisers are apparently not charged when users expand the map if they don’t click on the link through to the underlying site. This would be great for advertisers if they weren’t demoted for lack of clicks on Google. But it will offer some free leads/impressions to local marketers.

If this becomes a permanent feature, expect to see other content including video, travel and (local) products potentially. Google has already experimented with video in AdWords. And think of local video in this situation, where the plus box opens to reveal a local video ad (courtesy of Superpages, Citysearch,, etc.).

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