Local Blogs of Note

There are more local blogs these days. Beyond the ones you already know, here are a few you may not know that are worth reading:

I’m sure I’m leaving some out (beyond the highly visible ones). So let me know.


Andrew’s blog LocalSEOGuide was a big omission on my part (Thanks Gib). And Andy Sack was writing a lot of great stuff about local at one point.


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  1. Ahmed Farooq Says:

    Mike’s blog is a must read imo – he really dissects what Google/Yahoo are upto in ways no one else is doing.

  2. Dave Schappell Says:

    Hey Greg — you make the comment “beyond the ones you already know” — for those of us newer to the space, could you highlight some of the definite-should-read blogs in the Local Space (beyond your own, of course!)?

    Or possibly indicate them on your blogroll somehow? Right now, that seems like a mixture of local and a bunch of other personal faves.



    p.s. Would be great if you could enable ’email me if someone comments after this comment’ on your blog. I’ve started to see that functionality on more blogs — is really a useful way to be sure you get notified about replies to your comments (and removes the need for the blog author to directly email the commenter, if a specific reply is hoped for). It also probably gets you more direct blog views!

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    I’d say Kelsey and the Local Onliner. Google and Yahoo have local blogs. There are a range of blogs on the newspaper industry, some of which are in my blog roll. Borrell has a blog (infrequent posting). And then those that I mention above.

  4. Dave Schappell Says:

    Thanks — just added both Kelsey and LocalOnliner — seems like it may make more sense to just subscribe to Kelsey, since all of the LocalOnliner content is cross-posted on Kelsey as well, but maybe Peter gets more comments on the LO? I’ll try both for awhile, to see if that makes sense.

    Thanks for the quick reply!

  5. Ahmed Farooq Says:

    Yeah Peter gets more comments on LO. Or you could just subscribe to the comment feed (which is what I’ve done).

  6. Local Search Solutions Says:

    Not the most active blog at the moment – kind of a “catch all” for various announcements, etc. The site however is has a fair amount of local search related information (properties, providers, etc).

  7. Gib Olander Says:

    Andrew Shotland has been cranking out some great stuff at http://www.localseoguide.com

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