Clickable Aims for SMB Market

Clickable is getting a fair amount of press lately. The company is a kind of analytics tool and dashboard for ad network and SEM campaign management. I met with CEO David Kidder in New York a couple of months ago and was very impressed with the “actionable” nature of the platform. In other words, it didn’t just tell you how your ads were performing it gave you recommendations to improve performance, often with a “one-click” or one button option to implement the recommendation.

The company is aiming for advertisers that spend from $5 to $50K per month on online advertising. That basically means small and (mostly) medium-sized businesses.

I’m not a technical person and only have partial visibility on the analytics space, but it’s worth taking a close look at their product, which allows you to include an ad network in a single tabbed display.

I was impressed.


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