Zappos’ Clever ‘Contextual’ Advertising

I was in an airport yesterday and in the bins used by security (thanks WebGuy) for computers, belts, shoes, was an ad for Zappos, the online shoe store. The Zappos branding and URL were there, together with an outline of the soles of shoes directing you to place your shoes in the bin — and some clever ad copy, which I honestly don’t remember ’cause I was so tired.

The person I was with recoiled with some horror about the presence of the ad in the bins in the first place. But I thought it was a kind of nifty “contextual” ad placement.

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5 Responses to “Zappos’ Clever ‘Contextual’ Advertising”

  1. WebGuy Says:

    You can see the bins here:

  2. Greg Sterling Says:


  3. SoniaC Says:

    This is a great application for international contextual advertising. It looks like there’s a lot of copy in the ads though and I wonder if there’s a “lost in translation” factor for non-domestic travelers?

  4. sguyot Says:

    Very creative thinking. Yes there will be a fair share of lost in translation, but the branding ………hurts my head to think about. I wonder how many people are running around Nike or Reebok asking why didn’t we think of that !

  5. Online Shoe Stores Says:

    That is sick, in a really creative way! Next time I have to remove my shoes, I will certainly be happy for creative minds.

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