No Surprise: Teens Shop Locally

MediaPost reports the findings of a study that says, “95% of teens ages 13-17 say they are choosing shopping at stores and malls over catalog and online purchases this holiday season.”

Many new media types are confused, surprised and even upset when they discover what is being shown again and again empirically: people fundamentally are not embracing e-commerce at the expense of traditional shopping. This is even more striking when you’re talking about demographic segments that appear to be ditching traditional media for the Internet. Isn’t purchase behavior supposed to be doing the same thing?

The Internet is basically a marketing platform for commerce that happens in the real world. People shop online in selected circumstances but the overwhelming majority of purchases — now and into the distant future — will happen offline. But the Internet influences more and more of those offline transactions.

This trend will become even more powerful as more local inventory information makes it into search results and shopping sites.

3 Responses to “No Surprise: Teens Shop Locally”

  1. bobangus Says:

    A great example of your point is console video games. Teens and young adults are the largest segment. They go online to read news/reviews, post on forums, get cheat codes, and of course to play multiplayer games. Or more easily said, a majority of their gaming-related time has an online element. However, they still go to the local Gamestop to buy the games. Even the model of renting games has been slow in adoption compared to what Netflix has done in movies. And it is a long way away from the actual online purchase behaviors of music.

  2. Hollywood Celebrity Pics Says:

    now there is need to educate and motivate children by giving some discount for online purchase that will boost sales

  3. Kevin the Shopper Says:

    Shopping for teens is also a ‘social’ activity. They get the best of both worlds, shopping and hanging with their friends.

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