Local.com Begins Patent Credibility Strategy

As you may recall, Local.com reported that it was awarded mobile and local search patents. Some have disputed the legitimacy of those patents. And there are some apparently conflicting patents that have been awarded in the local and mobile segments (e.g., Jingle vs. Local.com). That said, Local.com appears to have begun down a path to establish the legitimacy and credibility of one of its patents pertaining to local search.

From the release:

The patent licenses have been integrated into revised contracts for Local.com’s LocalConnect platform, which was recently expanded via the acquisition of PremierGuide. Former PremierGuide clients Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. (CNHI), GateHouse Media, Inc., Herald Association, Inc., Intellistrand, LLC and The Telegraph, including over 200 sites owned and operated by these properties, have now completed revised contracts directly with Local.com.

These licenses were probably granted for little or no money and help establish the legitimacy of the claim. It’s a smart strategy that, if successful, would likely result in the ultimate acquisition of the company.


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