Google StreetView Car Spotting

…In my neighborhood. I was coming out of the gym this morning when I saw a Google Car in the parking lot. I ran to my car and grabbed my Windows Mobile phone and quickly snapped these shots:


(If you look closely above, you can see a faint rainbow in the background.)



Colleagues in San Francisco reported yesterday seeing a TeleAtlas car driving around the city.

A woman nearby in the parking lot asked me, “Is that your car; is it fun?” I didn’t stop to ask her what she was referring to by “fun,” but I wondered if she had any idea what this is all about. I never encountered the driver or I would have interviewed him/her.


My wife later called me and said she’d seen the car on our street.


2 Responses to “Google StreetView Car Spotting”

  1. Rich Hargrave Says:

    Although I don’t recall “company cars” being a perk, would it have something to do with their new local business referral program? Or, mabey it’s just Sergey’s new wheels?

  2. jeff moss Says:

    probably just advertisement,you think?

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