How Will Metromix Fare in National Push?

MetromixKate Kaye at ClickZ has a good overview of Metromix‘s new national push. Gannett is buying in to the formerly Tribune-owned city guide network. Sometime Tribune/Gannett partner McClatchy will not be a part of the deal apparently.

The idea here is to build out a collection of entertainment sites that appeal to the same youth oriented demographic segments that have used the site in its successful Chicago incarnation.

The story-behind-the-story is that this is an ad network to reach younger users that the newspaper chains are not successfully reaching online. (But see article on newspaper online reach.) To make that a meaningful thing, Metromix will have to build usage across markets. According to ClickZ:

The joint venture expects to roll out into 28 Gannett newspaper and broadcast markets and seven Tribune broadcast markets, including Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Seattle and Washington, D.C. By the end of next year, Metromix should have a local presence in 25 of the top 30 markets, said Walsh. A handful of Metromix sites currently exist for Baltimore, Chicago, Connecticut, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando and South Florida.

It will be going up against the well-established and newly reinvigorated Citysearch and the surging Yelp. It would be thus naïve to expect the site to go into these new markets and simply expect to gain traction. However, to the extent the traditional media assets are leveraged to promote the sites, there could well be adoption. That strategy worked very well in Atlanta a coupe of years ago for Cox’s Kudzu.

Based on its current content and look and feel Metromix is most directly competitive with IAC’s Citysearch.

According to the ClickZ article, Tribune, McClatchy and Gannett are still pursuing a joint national ad network. Separately McClatchy is part of the Yahoo newspaper consortium, which is also a national newspaper network.


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  1. Sean Smyth Says:

    Thanks for the post Greg. We hope to give you more to write about in the near future.

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    […] in some cases, out of the newspaper business entirely. Gannett and Tribune Co.’s decision to build out Metromix is such an example. Another is the NY Times’ BlogRunner. So is Scripps’ acquisition […]

  3. Tribune and Gannet’s Mteromix Joint Venture « State of Local Says:

    […] Because the Internet has hit newspaper bottom lines the hardest (Classifieds). Now, newspapers are moving into branding and SMB advertising with Metromix. This is bedrock of the alt weeklies and yellow pages on the low end (SMB) and TV on the high end […]

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