EveryScape Launches with Four US Cities

Three dimensional mapping company Everyscape has been busy building its product out for the last several months. This morning it finally launched with four US cities to show for its effort: Aspen, CO, New York, Miami, FL and Boston. And while Google and Microsoft have been battling it out in public and the press with their respective 3-D efforts, Everyscape has quietly built a very impressive experience that includes many building interiors (that’s where the business model comes in). Businesses pay money (from $250 to $500 per year) for interior photography that is integrated into the 3-D experience.

Only a few locations with interiors are currently available, but the movement from exterior facade to building interior is, dare I say it, cool and points the way to the future integration of video as well.

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The thing that makes Everyscape interesting, beyond its approach, is the fact that it’s enlisting the community in a kind of “populist” effort to capture data that the company can use to build its product.

Just for fun: check out this map of an Aspen ski mountain.


Related: Here are some previous posts on the company. In addition, local search on TV looks a lot more like Everyscape than “10 blue links” coming out of a static search box.


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  1. Daniel Jaeger Says:

    One thing I would love to see for these environments is the use of the “W, A, S, D” keys to navigate through them. It’s standard in PC games, a lot of people are familiar with it, and it works great. I would love to see that carried over instead of every company trying to solve this in their own unique way. IMO that would only create confusion.

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