Real Estate Deals: LiveDeal and Zillow

LiveDeal, a marriage of classifieds and yellow pages, has done a deal with RealtyTrac:

The partnership will make use of LiveDeals sales force to sell its Yellow Pages and online classifieds hybrid marketing package to RealtyTrac customers, who will have the ability to place their house listings on both the Live Deal Yellow Pages marketplace as well as through LiveDeals online classifieds solution. A complete listing of houses can be viewed by all LiveDeal customers.

RealtyTrac will offer its industry-leading foreclosure services and information to LiveDeal customers, who will gain instant access to over 1.2 million foreclosure and bank-owned homes. Interest in foreclosures is one of the few growth areas in the current housing market, and providing this information may encourage more interaction between real estate professionals and home buyers interested in acquiring distressed properties.

Meanwhile ERA is going to provide its listings feed of about 80,000 homes for sale to Zillow. ERA already syndicates through Zillow competitor Trulia. ERA is part of Zillow’s new partner feeds program described here. The program is part of an effort to ramp up the number of homes for sale on the site. Previously, posting homes for sale was a largely manual process on Zillow.


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  2. Jani Says:

    real estate listing data will be free in the future. it will be the tools and added content that the website will have to offer that makes or breaks their succes.

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