News and More News

I’m now blogging daily on three blogs: Search Engine Land, this one and LocalMobileSearch. That’s at least a full time job. Then there’s the rest of the work. I love blogging but it’s relentless. So rather than writing about all the next I’ll just summarize some of the headlines and developments of interest today?

Google‘s Media Dashboard concept helps further explain the Nielsen partnership

Facebook raises $500 million more than the $240 million Microsoft invested. Michael Arrington posts that Facebook is now just behind Amazon as the 5th most valuable Internet company.

Yahoo! is taking the newspaper consortium concept overseas, but still is working to build out infrastructure domestically. When operational it will be the most extensive local ad network out there (but there are mixed signals regarding its readiness)

Yahoo!’s flawed social networking/blogging platform 360 is finally going away in favor of “Mash.” I argued previously that Yahoo! should have bought WordPress or Six Apart. Mash shouldn’t be positioned as a “social network” because it will be unfavorably compared with Facebook. Rather it should be tied into other site utilities and be positioned as a personalization tool.

Comcast reports higher revenues but lower Q3 profits. The company is largely on the Internet sidelines and has the ability to do some dramatic things online and specifically in local but may not have the vision or resolve. However, there may aso be a Yahoo! investment/partnership out there depending on what Yahoo! wants to do or is compelled to do by the market next year.


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