Google-Nielsen TV Ads Demo Measurement

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Google and Nielsen have announced a deal to provide Google TV Ads buyers with demographic data. Here’s my write up at SEL.

I’ve always tried to argue that the more “granular” that location targeting becomes — in terms of residences — the more it becomes demographic targeting. In the Nielsen-Google deal, there’s little overlap between the demo targeting and location targeting.

Here’s what Google told me in email about the location targeting capabilities of the TV Ads program currently:

Today, our TV ads platform supports geographic targeting to a limited extent. Advertisers can target their ad nationally, or regionally, where the regional targeting is currently limited to the region covered by our cable MSO partner Astound Cable. As we add more partners with local TV ad inventory, we will be able to offer advertisers additional local geotargeting options.

But with IPTV and other advanced set-top boxes cable cos. will know precisely, in terms of location, where the box is.


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