MySpace a ‘Perishable’ Asset?

There’s lots of talk and speculation about whether MySpace has (so quickly) lost its mojo to Facebook. I’ve seen and participated in these discussions. MySpace is hoping to gain new vigor with its mobile app, Skype integration and Facebook-aping openness as well. But there’s evidence that MySpace has in fact lost its momentum. Here’s one piece, according to the Syndey Morning Herald:

Although one in three Australians visiting social networking websites still go to MySpace, its market share has dropped by 5 percentage points. Facebook, meanwhile, has increased its share threefold in the 10 weeks to October 13, according to figures from Hitwise, the company that monitors internet traffic.

Visits to all social networking websites have more than doubled in that period.

The reason for MySpace’s drop in share could lie in the survey’s most startling finding – that mums and dads keen to ride on the social networking wave are turning to MySpace. “The people that tend to go there now are more like middle Australia,” said Tessa Court, Hitwise’s head of marketing.

And here’s another . . .

Uniques (MySpace still holding a relatively strong lead):

But see page views (this is quite telling):

Look at how MySpace’s page views have declined recently.

Assuming these data are accurate, what I would hypothesize is the following: Lots of people belong to MySpace and Facebook but users have become progressively less “engaged” with MySpace. If you talk to older people, many of them are much more familiar with MySpace than Facebook (as the SMH article cited above suggests). If you talk to younger users, the anecdotal evidence is that MySpace has lost its cool and buzz and they’ve moved on . . .


TechCrunch has more discussion.

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  1. Tyler Says:

    the reason myspace has went down over the year span, is because once people have found a person, they were looking for, they stop looking, and also people post pic, and vids so once you see it than you dont have to see it again.

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