Superpages Goes National with Video

After a beta test in selected markets, Superpages is going live with video nationally. Here are a number of provided examples in different business categories. My previous posts about the program are here and here.

Here’s the press release issued this morning.


Update after a conversation with Robyn Rose, VP of Marketing Superpages:

Rose said that she thought this was a product that would have good penetration and not be reserved for only a select number of advertisers. She said they had seen considerable demand during the test period and that the sales managers in the field were also extremely interested in selling it.

Rose told me that during the trial they made some adjustments to the process and the pricing. SMB customers wanted to spend time with the videographer (everybody wants to direct) and so they now ensure that the customer gets adequate time with the person shooting the video. Pricing was also solidified as follows:

  • A one-time $990 fee for production
  • If customers want to buy the rights to use the video elsewhere (online or otherwise) they can do that for an additional charge
  • There’s a monthly fee to have the video icon on the listing (this is comparable to a charge to have a branding icon or logo on the listing/profile)
  • There’s a per stream/click charge that, like Superpages’ calls and clicks programs, requires the advertiser to bid at a category level

Rose told me that she and Superpages anticipate that the bid prices would fall between clicks and calls, but “closer toward calls.” Video icons will also be accessible on business listings/profiles for map-based searches.

They allow third-party “repurposed” (prerecorded) video to be used but it has to confirm to technical and length requirements. Along those lines, Rose said that what Superpages is going for with production values and quality is the “sweet spot between the professional production quality of TV and user-generated videos on YouTube.”


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  1. Jim Kukral Says:

    “If customers want to buy the rights to use the video elsewhere (online or otherwise) they can do that for an additional charge”

    What’s that charge, do you know?

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