Where2GetIt Out from Under the Radar

diagramWhere2GetIt has been around for a decade and is impressively self funded (VCs take note). Based in Southern California it’s a company that more people in the local space should know about. However the company has been relatively quiet about what it’s doing and where it’s going.

Where2GetIt started as a dealer locator service for retailers and manufacturers, hosting maps and directions that appear on their those third-party sites. But in the process of building out its services over time the company has developed a rich database of product inventory information in addition to business locations. In other words, it has a tremendously valuable body of information about where consumers can find products today in local stores. Among its customers are a host of “marquee” brands such as Office Depot.

I had not known that Where2GetIt had all this information, beyond physical store location data, until this past week when I spoke to the company in depth. It now should be put in the category of NearbyNow, Krillion, StepUp and Channel Intelligence, which to varying degrees have real-time product inventory information. Others including ShopLocal, CNet and Yokel are in this segment too.

The company also has a host of mobile assets (SMS, voice, WAP) as well. In the mobile segment, GPShopper’s Slifter offers mobile product/inventory information (data from Channel Intelligence) but it requires download of an application, which inherently limits its market potential.

I got a preview of where Where2GetIt is going and there are some very interesting things in the pipeline.

As I’ve written many many times in the past, what consumers really want is information about where they can buy it today. E-tailers and e-commerce only shopping engines not only leave money on the table by failing to provide offline shopping information (Krillion is taking a piece of the transaction), they are literally endangering their future.

Amazon is perhaps the only exception.


One of the other interesting things about this company is that it has built a business rather than the appearance of a business for the purpose of an acquisition, which is characteristic of so many “Web 2.0” companies of late.

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  1. Tom Printy's Blog Says:

    It is nice when people notice where you work

    Greg Sterling met with the company that I work for.  It is nice to finally be recognized for the hard work that all of us are putting in everyday.   I wonder what, if any impact this will have on the business.

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