More Evidence of the Coming ‘3D Internet’

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.I wrote about a deal between game platform developer Multiverse Network and Google on Search Engine Land that is part of a range of developments that ultimately lead to much richer online environments across the board.

As one further piece of evidence I have only to look to my eight year old daughter who has become overly involved with Webkinz. For those who don’t know about Webkinz, the company sells stuffed animals, charms and trading cards in the real world that tie in to online prizes and pseudo cash all in the context of online gaming in a virtual world.

Her generation is being conditioned to expect richer experiences and more “immersive” environments online. Also think about Xbox or the Wii. The Internet is already available through these set-top boxes. Ultimately there will be integration between 3D “gaming environments” and more mundane activities like shopping, travel planning and so on.

In addition, beyond SecondLife, there’s a great opportunity to create a 3D social network, which will certainly happen. And in local, UpNext is trying to do 3D local search.

There’s lots more to say about all this, some of which I do in previous posts on “metaverses” and the 3D Interent.


Related: IBM and SecondLife parent Linden Labs announce “avatar portability.”


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