Word of Mouth: Most Trusted by Users

I posted about the Nielsen data on consumer perceptions of trustworthiness of different advertising and media types last week. But now eMarketer has compiled in into a nice graph that visually compares consumer trust across media and advertising methods:

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Here are two other charts published in today’s eMarketer newsletter that reinforce the same idea: personal recommendations are the most trusted source of “media”:

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I’ve written quite a bit about social directories, online communities and word of mouth lately. Typically a large percentage of local business is driven by word of mouth — in some cases 75% or more. User recommendations and reviews are online word of mouth.

Smart local businesses can leverage these social directory sites to drive awareness and customer acquisition without doing much advertising (assuming they have positive mentions). But this takes time and effort of course.


3 Responses to “Word of Mouth: Most Trusted by Users”

  1. Smalltown Buys Online Community « Screenwerk Says:

    […] from the SMB market regarding word of mouth and their willingness to embrace online communities and Nielsen’s data on word of mouth being the most trusted “medium” by […]

  2. Karson Says:

    we’re working on a web site that allows people to more efficiently gather word of mouth recommendations. feedback is appreciated. thanks.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    I went to the site but there’s very little content. So it’s difficult to provide much feedback. You have a chicken and egg problem, however, if you require people to register before providing “feedback” and there’s little or no “feedback” there to motivate them to participate to begin with. You either need to bring down the registration or go into private beta or jumpstart with some content from a third party site: e.g., yelp, citysearch, etc.

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