New Blog on Local SEO from Andrew Shotland

Former head of business development for InsiderPages, Andrew Shotland, has been out doing SEO work for others since he left the site. Now he’s officially got a blog to share his tips, tricks — and twisted sense of humor.

You can find it at The blog is focused on practical information for small businesses, though Andrew does consulting for startups and enterprises too.

He wanted me to be sure that I included the phrase “local search optimization” because that’s the phrase that he wants to rank for. Seriously, Andrew is a terrific source of SEO information in the local space specifically, which we all know is the most important thing happening online.

Andrew will be speaking on the community driven local search panel at SMX Local & Mobile, which starts today.


8 Responses to “New Blog on Local SEO from Andrew Shotland”

  1. Andrew Shotland Says:

    Actually Greg I was hoping you would link to me with “mesolothemia lawsuit” or “buy viagra”.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    What about “human growth hormone”?

  3. Andrew Shotland Says:

    Actually “Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery” would be pretty good too.

  4. Neil Says:

    Hey Greg:
    Could you link to me using “hannah montana pregnancy?”.

    Seriously, thanks for the heads up about Andrew’s new blog. I’ll head right over and sign up.


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  6. Rek-port Says:

    Realy, what about “human growth hormone”?

  7. No Name Says:

    Ryan surprised the audience when he dismissed the

  8. infancali Says:

    hmm… nice.

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