AT&T to End Paper White Pages

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The company is experimenting in North Carolina with online (or CD) only white pages distribution: no paper book. From the Charlotte Observer:

The company, among the largest telecommunications companies in the state, submitted the proposal to the N.C. Utilities Commission Friday. In its filing, AT&T said that the move reflects a decline in the use of white pages directories and shows its commitment to reducing waste.

If the proposal is approved by the Utilities Commission, which regulates telephone companies, AT&T plans to combine the businesses now listed in the White Pages and government listings in a single Yellow Pages book, which it will deliver to customers’ homes.

Customers could still request a White Pages, which the phone company would send by mail.

There would obviously be substantial cost savings here for a product that is probably seeing rapid usage declines. And then there’s the idea of saving trees (which is mostly marketing spin in this case). Assuming this becomes a broader plan, the question immediately arises about whether this is the future for the yellow pages directory.

Obviously, white pages and yellow pages are in very different positions. Even though US directory publishers have dabbled in advertising in white pages — in Europe and elsewhere white pages have much more — it’s predominantly a cost center vs. yellow pages, which is still generating the majority of revenue for directory publishers.

Accordingly, it’s unlikely in the near term that YP will go this way.

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