More Goog411 Outdoor Ads Spotted

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.I was told over the weekend of a second outdoor Goog411 ad in San Francisco (and here’s a taxi ad). It will be interesting to see how aggressive this push becomes and whether Jingle Networks responds in any way with more consumer marketing, which the company has been doing to varying degrees, of its own.

This is a fairly dramatic departure for Google (assuming it is a bona fide ad campaign to build awareness for the voice search service), which has typically relied on word-of-mouth to promote its products.

Here’s the new Goog411 page (complete with instructional video, also distributed on YouTube). “It’s really simple, and it’s free.”


As an aside, Google is getting very smart about creating videos for most of these new product offerings. The videos are engaging and much more accessible and complete than FAQs. Yahoo! something similar with social bookmarking site delicious (via Search Engine Journal).


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