Praized Goes from Blog to Startup

Sebastien Provencher, formerly of Yellow Pages Group in Canada, and writer of the Praized blog, has secured $1 million in funding to launch his local startup. I don’t know more about it than the funding and the discussion in the release:

“Praized is a social media company developing software that connects logs, social networks, and local search in ways never seen before, says CEO Harry Wakefield.” The company is currently operating in stealth mode and expects to launch its product in key target markets early next year. This investment is going to allow us to really grow this business”, he added.

“The Praized team has a focused local strategy for a growing niche market” says Tom Sweeney, General Partner at Garage Technology Ventures Canada. “This team truly understands local search and the growing social dynamics of the web.”

Sebastien is an astute observer of local and so I’m interested to learn more.

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