Get Your Booty Down to SMX Local-Mobile

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.If you can’t tell by the veritable flood of press releases and announcements that there’s an incredible amount of activity going on in local and mobile you’re in a coma.

For that reason alone you should be in one of the limited seats at SMX Local-Mobile, which is going to be a terrific show and going to feature all the major search engines, mobile search providers, yellow pages publishers, leading search marketing firms and a range of interesting startups in the local and mobile space.

So if you’re a fence sitter, get your booty off that fence and register or face the prospect of not being at this show. It’s not going to be the usual conference blah, blah, blah; there’ll be intrigue, sex, foul language and violence . . .

Sorry . . . just kidding. But it’s going to be very engaging and practical and I’m going to be moderating half the sessions with Chris Sherman doing the other half.

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