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For some time (at least a couple years) folks at what is now AT&T have been thinking about putting yellow pages on TV. Now on the AT&T U-Verse system in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas, you can see what that might look like. The U-verse Users group has screen shots of a potential implementation:

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One of the questions that has always surrounded this project for me has been: Is it going to be a closed database or will the broader Internet be included? It appears right now that it’s simply the database. As yellow pages as an industry moves from a print product to a multi-platform metaphor for local search (print, Internet, mobile, TV) is almost in a unique position to leverage the “yellow pages” brand.

However, users are hungry for what might be called “box integration” — the full Internet on their TVs.

From the Deloitte 2007 State of the Media Democracy Survey:

[Millennials] are boldly embracing new technologies, entertainment platforms and communication tools. And, that includes integrated platforms, portable media and “all-in-one” devices:

  • 64% of Millennials, 20% of Matures and 48% of all consumers want to easily connect their home TV to the Internet.
  • 57% of Millennials and 37% of Xers want an all-in-one device.
  • 60% of Millennials and 45% of Xers want to be able to easily move their TV shows, podcasts, movies and other media to any devices/platforms they own.

Make no mistake, the “Internet” will come to TV (it’s already there for early adopters) for the mass consumer market. Variables are timing and user experience issues.

As I’ve argued before the living room, with its potentially larger “pipe,” offers some intriguing possibilities and potential changes to the way content on the Internet is discovered and presented. Specifically, 3-D worlds/metaverses, maps, social media and commerce likely come together in very interesting ways (also video telephony).

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  1. mike heronemus Says:

    When do we think this will come to the Toledo ohio and Detroit Mi markets?

  2. More YP on TV « Screenwerk Says:

    […] More YP on TV Hearst and a company called BIAP, which has a distribution deal with Time Warner Cable, will soon begin to offer YP listings and ads (including video) on TV. I had missed the release when it came out in mid-September. AT&T is experimenting with this on its U-verse offering. […]

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