Superpages Debuts Facebook Application

I stumbled across the fact that Superpages had launched a Facebook App on Webpronews. It’s a restaurant reviews and sharing application (of course) that only mentions Superpages at the margins. The look at feel doesn’t really reflect the Superpages site either.

Facebook superpages

Beyond the fact that this is an interesting move by Superpages (another ahead-of-the-curve effort), it could well help build Superpages’ corpus of restaurant reviews (which can be exported back to Superpages proper). Think of it as another syndication strategy. It may also help expose the brand (albeit indirectly) to new users.

Review page

There are already a ton of local search, travel and restaurant-related apps on Facebook so the company will have to rise above some noise and competition to gain traction in this category. But it will be worth watching how widely adopted it is, whether Superpages “repurposes” any reviews content back to and whether other YP publishers follow into the social network.


7 Responses to “Superpages Debuts Facebook Application”

  1. Laurence Hooper Says:

    Greg —

    Can you give a superquick description of how to find this app on Facebook?


  2. Greg Sterling Says:


    You have to join/sign-in to Facebook. Then you go to: It’s under the “food and drink” category; click the “newsest” tab. It’s called “Restaurant Reviews.”

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  6. Martin Lawrence Says:


    from looking at the reviews, it seems the application is from late 2007 ???

    Regards, Martin

  7. Greg Sterling Says:

    Yes, the facebook app is from 2007.

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