Yahoo! Reorg: Local Goes to Jeff Weiner

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PaidContent reports on a significant reorg at Yahoo! (they also publish the original Sue Decker memo). For purposes of this post, Hilary Schneider, who had Local, moves up to an EVP role atop sales/monetization/partnerships and Jeff Weiner gets Local, including all the properties that are under Paul Levine’s successor Jennifer Dulski: Shopping, Travel, Autos and Real Estate. Dulski will report to Weiner.

This is a company whose workers must have real reorg fatigue. But the organization still had “issues” that required attention. Now Yahoo! needs to execute. It’s not going to get too many more opportunities to do reorgs like this; employees will grow jaded, numb or flee.

As a side note, it will be interesting to see how Decker and Schneider’s choices and influence affect Yahoo! going forward. At the risk of being misconstrued as a sexist, I think there’s an opportunity for Yahoo! to further address and appeal to the interests and needs of women — a critical online audience. As a brand, Yahoo! holds a slight lead among women over Google according to Jupiter’s recent online brands survey.


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