Google, Yahoo! Doing in-Car Local Search Deals

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said at one point that one of the reasons that Google wanted to get into radio advertising was that the company couldn’t reach users during the morning or afternoon commutes. That’s all changing very quickly. Both Google and Yahoo have almost simultaneously announced in-car mapping and local search functionality.

As an extension of its earlier “Send to Car” Maps partnership with BMW, Google has introduced in-car local search for BMWs in Germany. Here’s a video that partly illustrates the functionality. Google has also expanded the Send to Car Maps functionality to Italy and the UK. One would assume that in-car local search isn’t far away for those countries (and eventually the U.S.) as well.

Mercedes Benz has also announced a deal with both Google and Yahoo called “Search & Send,” where users can send maps from either search engine to Mercedes Benz’s in-car telematics system . . .

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