Grayboxx Officially Launches

GrayboxxHere’s the press release. The launch city, Burlington, VT, is intended to illustrate how Grayboxx provides content in “secondary markets” where others don’t (see my previous post for more thoughts).

Major US markets are slated to launch on 12/1 but if you’re clever (as Ahmed was below) you can test Grayboxx tonight in geographies other than Burlington, VT (until the password protection is thrown up at least).


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  3. Hal Rucker Says:

    It’s very difficult to get deep, accurate content for a local geography, even when you scrape the data from other sources. For example, do a search for “hot dogs 94401” at grayboxx and none of the top results have anything to do with the kind of hot dog that tastes good with mustard.

    Now go to and do a search for “hot dogs”. You get lots of great results that include a local pizza place that has hot dogs on its menu. There are videos, coupons and reviews. This is deep, accurate local content and we launched less than a year ago.

    Comparing the two local search results is more than just a plug for Smalltown. My point is to assert that to win in local, one must go deep and have a true local presence in every location, and then have a strategy for going wide. Deep, then wide is scalable over time. Wide, then deep is a Sisyphean task.

  4. kc lang Says:

    The premise here is that they want people to trust their black box algothrm like faith rather than science. Their concept might work if say all the plumbers agreed to log and give them all their information about their day to day business like how many calls they got, how many complaints they got, how much was each job, and their P&L and tax information. Fat chance. The data that is needed is just not available or virtually impossible to collect and validate. Their business model seems to be- just trust me. Well I don’t.

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