Online ‘Lessons’ for Newspapers

Editor & Publisher has a lengthy piece (I found via the Editors Weblog) that offers “lessons learned” from some top newspaper online editors. It’s not a statement of “best practices” per se, but something more informal.

Here’s perhaps the best single piece of advice in the article: “Failure isn’t to be feared on the Web, it is to be embraced,” [Jim Brady,’s executive editor] says. “If you are not failing, you are not stretching as much.”

Here are the article’s lessons in summary form:

Lesson One: Blogs Can Backfire
Lesson Two: Techno Can Pop
Lesson Three: Reader Reactions Often Can Turn Ugly
Lesson Four: Not Everyone Wants to Chat
Lesson Five: There’s a Limit to ‘Local, Local, Local’
Lesson Six: Pay To Play? Not Everywhere
Lesson Seven: Print Lost in (Web) Translation
Lesson Eight: Choose Podcasts and Webcams Wisely
Lesson Nine: Dude, Where’s My Obit?
Lesson 10: Be Delicate About Databases
Lesson 11: Split Sales Staffs Don’t Succeed
Lesson 12: Want Traffic? Be Careful What You Wish For

There’s lots of specific discussion and examples that the headings don’t fully reveal.


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