Q2 E-Commerce Sales: Growing but Miniscule

Here is eMarketer-aggregated historical data (from the US govt. and other sources):


E-commerce is growing but it’s not the story. As I’ve argued in the past, the story is Internet-influenced offline/local sales. The Internet has emerged fundamentally as a marketing, rather than a transactions platform. E-commerce is a percentage of total US retail sales is less than 4%.

2 Responses to “Q2 E-Commerce Sales: Growing but Miniscule”

  1. Chris Zaharias Says:

    That online marketing influences offline/local sales is a given, and I think that’s why you see 6-7% of total ad spend happening online despite the 3.1% for Q2 ’07.

    It’d be very interesting to see if there’s any data out there showing what % of offline sales can be attributed to online marketing. I’ve seen orders of magnitude differences from different firms trying to measure this, and so I’m not sure there’s anything approaching a common understanding of that influence. Yet, knowing that real % is all-important.

    Thanks for sharing the e-Marketer data.

  2. fabiolacastillo Says:

    I head that too that e-commerce is growing very slowly. I guess it takes time to build any e-commerce business. When more and more people are being plugged into the internet daily, you will see the retail e-commerce sales go on the up-and-up.


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