Internet and Traditional Media Symbiotic

Most purchases, increasingly Internet influenced, happen offline. And now, iProspect shows the other side of the equation: offline influences on search. Barry Schwartz covers the headlines:

The study found that offline channels prompt two-thirds of online search. 37% said a television ad encouraged them to conduct a search, 36% said word-of-mouth initiated a search, 30% said a print ad, 20% said a physical store’s location and 17% said a radio ad.

This is just the latest piece of research (.pdf) to show how search is instrumental in consumer purchase behavior; but it’s neither the “alpha” nor the “omega” (one could say it’s the Mu). Search is neither a pure direct response, nor a branding medium — it’s a “consideration” medium and sits “in the middle” between (an often traditional media) stimulus and (mostly offline/local) purchase-response.


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  1. Bill Muller Says:

    Thanks for your reference to the iProspect study we published on offline channels’ ability to drive search marketing result. If your readers would like free access it, or to any other iProspect search engine marketing study (don’t even have to fill out a form) they can do so with our compliments.

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