MerchantCircle Crosses 200K SMB Threshold

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.I got a note from MerchantCircle saying that they had now “signed up” more than 200,000 local/small businesses. These are not paying advertiser numbers but local businesses/SMBs that have taken some affirmative action to claim or otherwise update their data on the MerchantCircle site.

Accordingly they now inform me that they have “more merchants than Google, Yahoo!Local, CitySearch, Insider Pages and any other local directory site you can think of.”

This is impressive even if MerchantCircle hasn’t been able to monetize that SMB acquisition fully. They now become an interesting potential sales channel partner for others. And their “reputation management” strategy is still almost entirely unique.


See comments below re complaints that continue to “dog” MerchantCircle and its marketing practices.

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  1. Matt McGee Says:

    It’s pretty easy to sign up new customers when you continue to cold-call them with scare tactics like “Someone just left a negative review about your business on Merchant Circle. Sign up today to claim your listing and see what was said.” And then there’s NO NEGATIVE REVIEW to be found.

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