Online Video News: Viewers, Veoh and Google

Here’s a nice eMarketer graph that basically shows everyone online will eventually be watching video:

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The video news has been coming fast and furiously and I just haven’t had time to cover it all. Here are some highlights:

  • Proving again that it’s hard to make money based on subscriptions or transactions online, Google is shutting down its “rental” and paid video service.
  • Learning one of the lessons of YouTube, Veoh, which just grabbed one of Yahoo!’s senior PR people, Gaude Paez, is preemptively suing Universal in a extremely aggressive move designed to prevent the dark cloud of litigation from hanging over the company for an extended period of time.
  • A new local video production network, GlobeShooter, is setting up shop. The company claims that it offers “a friendlier choice for local video advertising.” In addition to TurnHere (and now GlobeShooter), there are several video production networks either now in action or setting up shop to offer low-cost video production capability to local sales channels. I wrote about EZShow last week.
  • There’s a ton more going on with online video, including NBC Universal announcing all-advertising video site (on-demand ad content) and the NBCU-News Corp. JV getting a $100 million investment.

YouTube and its progeny are the future of on-demand TV viewing. Online video is increasingly capturing audiences and TV (and the TV ad model) is ultimately threatened unless there’s a merger of TV and Internet content. That will happen and video search functionality will come to TV — eventually. And when video search and UGC video come to TV (in earnest) the Internet as a whole won’t be far behind.


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  1. smilingchaos Says:

    The days of televisions are nearly gone.
    Society will exit only on the internet.
    We will be just one gobal Community!

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