Appliance Repair: Closing the Loop

Recall my post yesterday about finding an appliance repairperson. So the guy came today and fixed the problem. He was very good. As he was leaving I said, “you didn’t even ask where I found you; don’t you do that?” He said, “sometimes” and then added, “most people come from the Berkeley Parents Network or the Internet.”

I told him the process I used, as outlined in my post. He said, “oh yeah?”

I said that I had looked for their website but they didn’t seem to have one. He confirmed that they did not. He said, “We don’t really need it, we don’t advertise, we get so much business, so much word of mouth.”


2 Responses to “Appliance Repair: Closing the Loop”

  1. earlpearl Says:

    Greg: I read both posts. As an seo/business operator–that is such a telling anecdote on so many levels.

    Which factor had the most impact on driving you to that vendor? The Berkeley Parents Network, the Yelp review, other factors, or the sum total of information and references?


  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Total. BPN, confirmed by the yelp review

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