Cellfire Releases Mobile Coupon Redemption Data

The image “https://i1.wp.com/www.cellfire.com/images/topnav/logo.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.It’s a great idea “on paper” – so to speak – mobile coupons that is. They’ve arrived in principle but not really in practice. Internet-based coupons have yet to take off, although they’re poised to do so. But mobile coupons, despite being available today, are even farther off as a mainstream marketing phenomenon. (That is, perhaps, unless they morph into SMS-based ads.)

The idea of being able to search for coupons when you’re on the go is appealing to virtually everyone, however the challenge is coverage and user adoption. Eventually coupons (or some equivalent) will make their way into the mobile marketing mix but it will be a little while. Cellfire, the leader in mobile couponing right now, has very limited coverage in terms of the offers available.

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  1. Jaye Playter Says:

    While I agree that it’s taken longer for this to take off then expected, Proximity Media is putting out a product that will allow for people to receive coupons while on location via Bluetooth. No air time, no searching on the internet, we have the ability to deliver relevant content to relevant people in relevant places.

    With your Bluetooth cell phone turned on and visible, you can receive offers for information that you choose to either accept or not. There are no fees, and content can be a coupon, or a reward such as a ring tone, MP3 or even a video.

    Keep your eyes open for the Bluetooth logo, letting you know that there are Bluetooth media servers somewhere in your proximity looking for phones to offer content to.

  2. Online coupons Says:

    thats good . i think i need it now . how to get them . send me the link as early as possible .

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