Maps in Interactive Ads on Google UK

Advertising is content is the mantra of search marketers (and others) everywhere. But the more “relevant” the ad becomes the more true that is. It’s also the case if the ad is interactive and allows users to gain helpful information or perform additional functions (see, e.g., ShopLocal’s SmartMedia).

There are plenty of examples of novel or experimental rich media ads out there. But, most recently, SEL reports on a plus box (with an associated expandable map) showing up on Google in limited cases in the UK:

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I tired to duplicate this with various searches and could not.

The ultimate expression of all myriad online targeting available (local, contextual, behavioral) is the impossible to realize goal one-to-one marketing. But as advertising does take more advantage of the interactive capabilities of the Internet and rich media functionality the line between advertising and content will blur further and further.


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  1. Cameron Stewart Says:

    Just started seeing these in Australia as well.

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