Local.com Acquires PremierGuide

Local.com acquires its one-time rival PremierGuide for approximately $2 million. My sense is that this is for the large number of relationships (surprising actually) that PremierGuide has developed with local publishers, representing not only a steady income stream but also potential distribution for Local.com advertisers.

Malcom Lewis, founder of PremierGuide, entered the local search market at the same time as others with a bang, hoping to be the white label solution for yellow pages publishers and others. He found that the market wasn’t big enough, wisely reinvented his business and built something profitable and lightweight.


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  1. AhmedF Says:

    Wow. Well done Malcolm 🙂

  2. Rich Hargrave Says:

    Ambassador partnered with Premier Guide after their initial launch – they did some groundbreaking things within local, and introduced one of the first keyword-driven platforms for YP publishers. Unfortunately, other publishers did not seem to share the same enthusiasm. The aquisition will compliment Local.com’s services well – congratulations Malcolm.

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