EveryScape and ‘The People’s World Project’

Everyscape, which will formally launch this fall, has announced “The People’s World Project” which seeks to involve the community in voting for the next cities that EveryScape builds out.

The company plans to launch with photorealistic, 3-D environments for 10 US metropolitan areas, five of which will be chosen by the community. Voting closes at the end of August. In addition the company is seeking to involve people in the project of building these 3-D cities by getting them to take and upload ordinary photography, which EveryScape knits together and converts into 3-D environments.

EveryScape contends it has an advantage over Microsoft Virtual Earth and Google Maps/Earth because, among other things, its proprietary technology can use ordinary photography. EveryScape also seeks to add public building interiors in addition to exterior imagery.

I’ve written about EveryScape and, by extension, “metaverses” several times in the past.

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  1. Derek Says:

    This looks pretty much like MapJack.com

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