Would ‘Google-Click’ Be a Monopoly?

Microsoft’s acquisition of aQuantive was recently approved by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Yahoo completed its acquisition of ad exchange Right Media after a green light from the FTC. That just leaves Google-DoubleClick as the last major deal on the regulatory table. Now a telecom consultant, Scott Cleland, president of Precusor LLC, has written a much-discussed and very dense 35 page white paper that argues in favor of blocking the “Google-Click” merger and predicts it won’t happen accordingly.

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Related: From the WSJ (subscription required): Google is asked to testify regarding the impact of the proposed merger:

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel is expected to hold a hearing in September focusing on the wave of consolidation sweeping the fast-growing online-advertising market. And a House Commerce subcommittee on consumer protection is planning to question Google and DoubleClick executives this fall as well, with a hearing expected to focus more on significant consumer-privacy concerns raised by the deal, congressional aides said.

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