Maponics Gains Neighborhood Database

About a year and a half ago, HomeGain’s Dan Martin (now gone) told me he had developed a neighborhood database and taxonomy to improve local search. He expressed frustration with HomeGain’s new owners, Classified Ventures, and their seeming indifference to this asset.

Now enterprise mapping company Maponics appears to have acquired the database for an undisclosed sum from HomeGain and its parent. I’ve written at length about the value of this data to the user experience and to ad targeting “below” the zip/DMA level. Indeed, at the neighborhood level, local ad targeting merges with demographic targeting.

In addition to the Maponics database, Urban Mapping has developed a similar neighborhood taxonomy and related set of capabilities. It has been licensing that to the major search engines and selected verticals.

Yahoo! acquired Whereonearth a couple of years ago, which was supposed to provide this same capability.

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