SMX Panels Open for Business

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Chris Sherman and I have shared responsibility for the conference. I’m busy matching speakers with panels (I’m very delayed in doing this). Below are the panels I’m working on. Please let me know if you’re interested in being considered:

  • Introducing the Local Search Engines
    Get a quick overview of the major players in local search, and then take the opportunity to ask them questions in this open-forum session.
  • Community-Driven Local Search
    Sites like Yelp, Insider Pages and others that aggregate local information and encourage users to contribute reviews, commentary and other content have been called “the future yellow pages.” Community-driven local search sites can be a powerful source of referrals for search marketers – come learn how.
  • Tracking Clicks & Calls to Conversion
    One of the major challenges with local and mobile search marketing lies with tracking: Although people search for information online, most purchases are still made at brick-and-mortar stores. This session focuses on techniques for measuring the effectiveness of your local and mobile search marketing campaigns regardless of where the ultimate conversions occur.
  • Pay-Per-Call Ads: Living Up to the Promise?
    Giving searchers the opportunity to place a phone call directly from search results makes intuitive sense, but does it really work? A number of local and mobile search providers have experimented with pay-per-call and offer insights into when pay-per-call works – and when other types of search marketing are more effective.
  • Show Me the Money!
    Analysts say that local and mobile search marketing will attract billions in spending in the near future – but given the fragmentation in the market, who’s really making money now? More importantly, how should search marketers place their bets to insure maximum future success?
  • The Ultimate Local Ad Model
    Local businesses want leads and customers, not clicks. Although pay-per-click and pay-per-call are the two prevalent ad models to reach local searchers, will other models like CPA/PPA ultimately be more effective?
  • Understanding Intent: What Local/Mobile Searchers Want
    People using local and mobile search services don’t want information, they want action, mobility, convenience, instant gratification and increasingly, interaction with others. This session explores the needs and behavior of local and mobile searchers, offering tips on how best to reach them with your search marketing campaigns.
  • Mobile Search: Beyond 10 Blue Links
    Mobile searchers don’t want lists of web pages – they want answers or fast ways to take action. Mobile search providers are increasingly experimenting with alternative interfaces, such as location-aware browsing, voice recognition, text messaging and other innovative approaches. Learn about these new efforts and how they potentially impact mobile search marketing efforts.

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  1. yellowbot Says:

    We at yellowbot are looking forward to the local/mobile information. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested or need any help. Many of us are industry veterans who have worked in this space well before it was widely adopted.

  2. KevinL. Says:

    I accidentally posted on the wrong blog post…. but MerchantCircle would love to be included in any engaging panel on local.
    Take care and don’t wander the hospital hallways late at night!

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